Date: Jun 5, 2020

Human Writes: GLOW

Glow and overflow.

Shine on the outside and inside.

Cleanse the mind.

Be kind.

Use your time.

Thankful of your life.

Glow and overflow.

Be free and grow.

Take care of the hair, the skin, the fro,

Condition and moisturize.

Wake up on time to dance with the sunrise.

Glow and overflow.

Learn to be alone.

To be bold.

To listen to yourself and to take hold.

Cry. Smile. Shout and let it all out – Then take a deep breath in and then out.

Glow and behold.

A shimmer in your walk.

A glimmer in your talk.

An attitude of self-love.

A gratitude of body and soul.

An expression of the entire fulfilled human made whole.

Do your thang and Glo.

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Blossom Matizirofa is a 21 year old Zimbabwean who was raised in Cape Town and Johannesburg. She is currently studying BA law at The University of Pretoria and hopes to obtain an LLB to become a human rights lawyer. Blossom is passionate about social justice, feminism, the importance of mental health and using her voice and words to speak out for those who cannot speak out for themselves. She started writing poetry in high school and has since started a spoken word group known as The Poesy Collective. The group writes poetry from personal experience and the collective experiences of women, the queer community and the youth.