Date: Aug 8, 2020

Pledge: Interrupt gender-based violence

The murder rate of females in South Africa is almost five times the global average. This is perpetuated by a culture of silence and ‘acceptance’ of gender-based violence (GBV). We need more people reporting crimes of GBV and calling out the toxic social and cultural norms that exist at every level of society.

Join thousands of people pledging to interrupt and end gender-based violence in South Africa now.

I pledge to be an interrupter of gender-based violence:  

I pledge to speak up, stand up and end any silence on gender-based violence.

I will do this wherever I am and whomever I’m with so that there is no longer a place for GBV in South Africa.

I will interrupt derogatory conversations, language and jokes – both on and offline.

I will interrupt the cycle of violence by educating my peers and younger generations on what behaviour is, and isn’t, acceptable.

I will interrupt violence by having conversations with friends, family, peers, colleagues and neighbours on how behaviours need to change. 

I will interrupt violence by being a constant reminder that women have equal rights and should never have to experience the pain that comes with abuse. 

I will demand accountability from leaders to deliver on their duty to bring justice to survivors and victims of GBV. 

From this moment on, I pledge to help end gender-based violence.

Interrupter Gender-based violence Pledge

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