Date: Aug 8, 2020

Gender-based violence Interrupter Pledge

I pledge to be an interrupter of gender-based violence. 

I pledge to speak up, stand up and end any silence on gender-based violence.

I will do this wherever I am and whomever I’m with so that there is no longer a place for GBV in South Africa.

I will interrupt derogatory conversations, language and jokes both on and offline.

I will interrupt the cycle of violence by educating my peers and younger generations on what behaviour is, and isn’t, acceptable.

I will interrupt violence by having conversations with friends, family, peers, colleagues and neighbours on how behaviours need to change. 

I will interrupt violence by being a constant reminder that women have equal rights and should never have to experience the pain that comes with abuse. 

I will demand accountability from leaders to deliver on their duty to bring justice to survivors and victims of GBV. 

From this moment on, I pledge to help end gender-based violence.

Interrupter Gender-based violence Pledge

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