Date: April 27, 2018 Type: Country: By: Mienke Mari Steytler

Freedom Day: South African authorities must prioritize and recommit to human rights

With South Africa celebrating 24 years of freedom today, Executive Director of Amnesty International South Africa Shenilla Mohamed said:

“As the country moves towards the 2019 elections, Amnesty International urges the authorities to prioritize human rights before, during and after the elections.

“Amnesty International looks forward to seeing government plans unfold to improve respect for all human rights, including the fulfilment of economic, social and cultural rights of everyone. It is important that those suspected to be responsible for human rights violations are held to account without further delay, and that the victims of these abuses receive long-awaited justice.

“As the country celebrates Freedom Day today, the authorities must re-commit themselves to ending impunity for human rights abuses, and making human rights a reality for everyone.”


Freedom Day is a national day in South Africa and is celebrated annually on 27 April. It celebrates freedom and commemorates the first post-apartheid elections held on that day in 1994. The elections were the first non-racial elections where everyone of voting age from any racial group, including foreign citizens with permanent residency in South Africa, were allowed to vote. Previously, under the apartheid regime, non-whites had only limited rights to vote.    South Africa will hold a general election in 2019.

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