Amnesty International South Africa in partnership with Canada Fund for Local Initiatives is looking for 10 passionate young activists from Alexandra and Orange Farm in Gauteng to design and deliver a fully funded gender-based violence digital campaign.


Apply to be part of Amnesty International South Africa’s first cohort of Digital Disruptors and develop a fully funded, impactful and innovative youth-led gender-based violence campaign.

The project is designed for those who want to build their skills and make a positive impact in
their communities by addressing the high levels of gender-based violence. This includes learning key components of strategic campaigning, such as how to build support in your community to influence people
in authority. 


WHAT IS the Digital Disruptors project?

Digital Disruptors is Amnesty International’s project that supports inspiring young activists to create ground-breaking, youth-led, digital campaigns.

Bold campaigns have already been launched by Digital Disruptors in Puerto Rico, Sweden, Nigeria and Kenya – South Africa is next.

For years young people have been at the forefront of disrupting the high levels of gender-based violence in South Africa, pushing to dismantle the systems and cultural and social norms that are perpetuating this violence. From campus marches to mass mobilisation online, you have said enough is enough. This project will support 10 youth activists who will together design an impactful gender-based violence campaign.

The project will run for five months, from October 2022 to 28 February 2023.


       Four days of intensive, world-class digital campaigns training

       On-going support and guidance from Amnesty International South Africa staff

       Funding to make your campaign a success

    Connecting with human rights campaigners from around the world

     Team building and learning how to work as a group

     Wellbeing support and personal mentoring

Below are the requirements for applying

       You are aged 18-25

       You are from either Alexandra or Orange Farm, Johannesburg

       You are passionate about stopping the high level of gender-based violence in your community.

    You have basic access to technology and the internet


       Experience in activism and campaigning, particularly on gender-based violence.

Application deadline is on Sunday 2nd October 2022 at 11pm

If you have any questions about the Digital Disruptors Project, please read the FAQs section below.



The deadline to apply to be part of the programme is Sunday, 2 October at 11pm. After this, Amnesty International South Africa will review the applications, and conduct interviews with shortlisted applicants to select 10 Digital Disruptors. If you have not heard from us by 9 October you can assume your application has been unsuccessful.

No, unfortunately not. Please do not apply if you are not between 18-25 years old as we can’t consider your application.

No, unfortunately not. Please do not apply if you are not from Alexandra or Orange Farm as we can’t consider your application.

Yes. Experience in digital campaigning is not a must. However, any advocacy, activism or campaigning experience is desirable

No. Salaries will not be paid to activists selected for this programme. However, basic expenses like transportation, catering and other logistics will be covered when working on project activities.

The group will utilise funds from Amnesty International South Africa to build your campaign. You can use this to, for example organise an event or demonstration, create a video or promote your campaign on social media. It’s up to you.

No. You don’t have to be affiliated with Amnesty International South Africa for this project

You apply as an individual. We are accepting individual applications, however if you are keen to apply with friends, you can make a note on each individual application that you know one another. But we can’t guarantee you will all be selected.

Yes. Certificates of participation will be issued to the selected Digital Disruptors at the end of the project.

You will be formally supported by Amnesty International South Africa until February 2023, but the aim is that your campaign will live on longer than that, and that you will be confident to lead it as a group. We hope to continue supporting you in a more informal way after this. Plus, you will be able to join the Digital Disruptors Alumni Network where you can stay in touch with other Amnesty youth activists globally.