Write For Rights

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Your words have power

Sometimes, a letter can change someone’s life. That’s the idea behind Write for Rights, our global letter-writing campaign. We’ve been doing it every year for 20 years and today, it’s the world’s biggest human rights event.

Like most great things, it began with a group of friends and one big idea. A group of activists in Warsaw, Poland, decided to celebrate Human Rights Day (10 December) a little differently. They held a 24-hour letter-writing marathon, writing letters day and night on behalf of people whose rights had been wronged.

From 2,326 letters in 2001 to 4.5 million letters, tweets, petition signatures and more in 2020, Write for Rights supporters have used the power of their words to unite behind a common purpose – backing people no matter where they are in the world. Together, they’ve helped transform the lives of more than 100 people over the years, freeing them from torture, harassment, or unjust imprisonment.

And it’s not just writing a letter  – you can sign a petition, send a Tweet, make a TikTok video – the more noise we make, the more lives we can save. 

Join in today. Take action here.