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Your words have power

Sometimes a letter can change someone’s life. That’s the premise of Write for Rights, Amnesty’s global letter-writing campaign and the world’s biggest human rights event.

Every year around this time, Amnesty supporters across the globe will write millions of letters for those whose basic human rights are being attacked.

In 2020, we continue to see people’s lives and freedoms under threat. Women being sexually assaulted, LGBTQI activists targeted for who they are. Young people locked up just for expressing their opinions. Peaceful protestors are beaten and shot at, and people who defend the environment are harassed and intimidated.

But every year we see people like you continuing a long tradition of letter-writing to right some of the world’s biggest wrongs. And it’s not just letters – it could be petitions, emails, Tweets, Facebook posts, events, photos, and postcards.

This year, South Africa is throwing our might behind the case of Popi Qwabe and Bongeka Phungula: two beautiful, intelligent, and kind women whose lives were cut short when they were shot, allegedly raped and their bodies dumped by the side of the road in Johannesburg on 12 May 2017. It has been over three years since that date, and Popi and Bongeka’s killers have not been held to account. Together, through collective action, we can work alongside Popi and Bongeka’s families to finally get the justice they deserve.

We will also be standing in global solidarity with Gustavo Gatica from Chile, blinded by police during a peaceful protest; Nassima al-Sada from Saudi Arabia, locked up for demanding women’s rights and Melike Balkan and Ozgur Gur from Turkey, prosecuted for celebrating LGBTI rights.

Your words really can change their lives. Together change is possible. Take action. 

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