Together We’re #notPowerless

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No matter who you are or where you come from, your voice matters. Will you join us? Together we’re #NotPowerless

1986: Nhlanhla Dhalmini braved the threat of 
imprisonment and boarded a ‘whites only’ bus to 
protest against the segregation of public premises, vehicles and services.
Every small act against injustice adds to a ripple effect of change.
Together We’re #NotPowerless.

Together we can fight for a society that is just; one that respects our women; one where individuals are not discriminated against for who they love. Together we’re #NotPowerless

Together we can stand up against human rights abuses and honour the legacy of the Sharpeville uprising victims. Together we’re #NotPowerless

Our voices are one of the most powerful tools in the fight for #HumanRights. Together we’re #NotPowerless

With new leadership in place, we, the people of #SouthAfrica, need to speak louder than ever before for freedom, equality and dignity. Together We’re #NotPowerless. #HumanRights #HumanRightsDay

Change is possible again. Together we’re #NotPowerless.