Date: Jul 7, 2021

AI UKZN: Demand equitable access to learning materials

On Sunday 9 May, the University of KwaZulu-Natal School Management Committee released a statement alerting students that Zoom recordings of meetings will no longer be posted on Moodle. Given the current context, in which online learning has been prioritised due to COVID-19, ensuring access to online learning materials is vital. Many students are not able to attend the real-time online meetings due to:

Lack of access to a reliable internet connection: With the university prioritising online learning, many students are learning from home in rural areas with limited or unreliable internet connections. This means students do not always have a stable connection to fully participate and capture key takeaways from meetings.

Insufficient data: Although data is provided to students, the amount does not suffice to last the month, meaning students do not always have available data to access meetings in real-time, whilst also needing data to conduct ongoing research for school assignments and exams.

Given the reasons provided above, we believe Management should retract this decision to ensure every student has access to learning materials.

Amnesty International UKZN University Chapter also calls for greater transparency from the School Management Committee around the reason to no longer posting recordings of meetings to Moodle.

Take action and join us in our call for equal access to education.

AI UKZN: Take Action

Demand equitable access to learning materials

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