Our Work
Amnesty International SA

The following programmes have been developed in response to South Africa’s challenges:


Membership and Growth

Members are the ones who take action, from identifying human rights abuses in their localities and bringing these to the attention of authorities. Our members, supporters and activists ensure that Amnesty International South Africa remains a truly independent organisation by contributing to our operations and thus making sure that we do not seek funding from sources that might compromise our independence.


Right of Marginalised persons and Groups (LGBTIs, Refugees and Asylum seekers)

This programme focuses on the fight against the discrimination and violence against marginalised persons and groups.


Economic, social & cultural rights Programme


This programme focuses on ensuring the realisation of ESCR rights for all in South Africa whilst holding the government and other relevant actors (ie, business) accountable. This includes the tracking, monitoring and evaluating how the South African government is performing in meeting its rights obligations.


Human Rights and Accountability:

This programme focuses on the monitoring of the state’s use of resources and institutions and their impact on human rights. It will also look as South Africa’s implementation of its foreign policy from a human rights perspective.